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Also a big island on QQQ (nasdaq etf)


Gap, quap, (false breakout), back into the range.  
Markets not liking uncertainty. 9/26/16
I would look again with a tighter lens, the island you speak of is exactly .01. 
Closing low on 9/21 was 188.15 
Subsequent low on 9/23 was 188.16 
Still qualifies and worthy of watching as markets do not like a vacuum. 
Noteworthy is the fact that NQ filled that island with the following trade: 
on 9/21 close was 4849.50 
on 9/23 NQ visited 4848.25 at 1:59pm effectively closing that island gap. 
Basing a trade on regular hours without considering all trade can bite you. 9/26/16