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Bitcoin short - leverage as per machine learning engine. Note the compression of the Bollinger Bands (also in TTM squeeze). Very low volatility, typical for a down move. High risk trade.


Orwell (Director)Orwell (Director)
PSAR indicates down move. 11/4/18
The coin is: Bitcoin. We recommend to SHORT x20 with:  
Max price: 6500.0000000000  
Stop loss: 6590.5000000000  
Targets: 6360.0000000000 | 6310.0000000000” 11/4/18
Orwell (Director)Orwell (Director)
Chart similar to ZPM with directional PSAR and leverage/machine learning prediction 11/4/18
Orwell (Director)Orwell (Director)
Some risk of upside explosion too; buying both put and call for short term also reasonable, with less risk 11/4/18