View: Image courtesy of Pleated-Jeans

Image courtesy of Pleated-Jeans

Ever wonder what your state was the best at being the worst at? Well, wonder no more. Thanks to this awesome map -- built by Jeff Wysacki of -- you can see the states in all of their whatever-the-opposite-of-glory is. The best of the worst? North Dakota's ugliest residents.


Booboo, Degrowth Defined →Booboo, Degrowth Defined →
and I always thought CA was worst at being conservative. 1/10/14
I'm moving to Wisconsin. Heck, it's only 15 miles or so. 1/10/14
Richard Cranium (GDG KCCO)Richard Cranium (GDG KCCO)
Way to go Washington! 1/10/14
Tim KnightTim Knight
Beastiality? M'kay.... 1/11/14
Iowa! Cleanest! 2/10/14