There is nothing else like SocialTrade on the web, because it gives traders a way to collectively store and organize information about financial markets and charts. All the content here is crowd-sourced from users, who "stack" individual items to the database and browse its contents.

As you can see with the tabs below, there are a number of ways to explore the SocialTrade library:

  • Activity: this is a "news feed" that shows all contributions in the database from all users
  • Browse: a graphics-based system in which you can "drill down" through categories
  • Followed: provides a consolidated view of all the stacks you have decided to "follow"
  • Popular: lets you see the most popular items in the database based on user ratings
  • Recent: presents in reverse-chronological order the most recent items stacked to SocialTrade

In order to "stack" to the database, you'll need to take a moment to install a bookmarklet by following the instructions on this page. If you'd like to view what has been stacked already by other users, click any of the tabs below to explore different aspects of SocialTrade, and remember you can click the Follow button on any stack to include it in your personalized Followed tab.