Custom Symbols

This PLUS-exclusive feature allows you to create any combination of symbols, parentheses, arithmetic operators, and digits to concoct yourself a totally unique chart. Let’s say you wanted to plot what two times the GLD fund divided by GDX (the miners) looked like – – you would just type in ((GLD*2)/GDX), and voila………


Or maybe you wanted to see how Macy’s was doing relative to retail as a whole (answer: not so great):


Or perhaps Apple versus the NASDAQ 100 “cubes”………..


One last example – – Tesla’s stock price versus Ford’s:


So, again, you can use any of these characters to construct a symbol:

  • Any equity or index symbols
  • Any basic arithmetic operators (+, -, *, /)
  • Real numbers (5, 12, 50, etc.)
  • Parentheses