Bearish StrategiesOpportunityRisk
Back Spread with PutsSubstantialLimited
Bear Call SpreadLimitedLimited
Bear Put SpreadLimitedLimited
Inverse Broken Wing Butterfly with PutsLimitedLimited
Long PutSubstantialLimited
Short CallLimitedUnlimited
Bullish StrategiesOpportunityRisk
Back Spread with CallsUnlimitedLimited
Bull Call SpreadLimitedLimited
Bull Put SpreadLimitedLimited
Inverse Butterfly Wing with CallsLimitedLimited
Long CallUnlimitedLimited
Short PutLimitedUnlimited
Neutral StrategiesOpportunityRisk
Broken Wing Butterfly w/CallsLimitedLimited
Broken Wing Butterfly w/PutsLimitedLimited
Christmas Tree Butterfly w/CallsLimitedLimited
Christmas Tree Butterfly w/PutsLimitedLimited
Front Spread with CallsLimitedUnlimited
Front Spread with PutsLimitedSubstantial
Long Butterfly with CallsLimitedLimited
Long Butterfly with PutsLimitedLimited
Long Condor with CallsLimitedLimited
Long Condor with PutsLimitedLimited
Short Iron ButterflyLimitedLimited
Short Iron CondorLimitedLimited
Short StraddleLimitedUnlimited
Short StrangleLimitedUnlimited
Big Move AnticipatedOpportunityRisk
Long Iron ButterflyLimitedLimited
Long Iron CondorLimitedLimited
Long StraddleUnlimitedLimited
Long StrangleUnlimitedLimited
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