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Since early 2005, Slope has been the go-to place for tens of thousands of posts about technical analysis, trading psychology, and ideas for both long and short positions. Stay on top of market events and new ideas from fellow traders around the world and participate in the lively discussion that goes on 24 hours a day.

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Analyze Options

Options are the most popular trading instrument among Slope of Hope users, so it is a major focus for this site. There are a number of products on Slope designed to help options traders in their exploration and analysis, such as the payoff graph, volatility charts, price change charts, earnings reaction charts, strategy maps, and the exclusive OptionDots system, built directly into SlopeCharts.

Backtesting Guide

Set Chart Alerts

Timely alerts are crucial to exploiting trading opportunities, and being able to set a notification based on a potential "event" on a chart is a fast and visual way to snag those opportunities. You can easily establish a virtual “robot” to keep an eye on the price action and let you know if something meaningful happens so you can be alerted via email or SMS text.

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Develop SlopeRules

SlopeRules is a feature in SlopeCharts which lets you create a trading system using discrete technical rules for entering and exiting positions. It is deliberately designed to be intuitive and very simple to use, and it is closely integrated with the SlopeCharts platform. Unlike other trading systems, you don't need to learn code like a programmer. Instead, just drag and drop the rules that make sense to you, test them in real time, and get automatic alerts.

SlopeRules Guide

Trade Virtually

Trade without the trauma! There is absolutely no better way to hone your skills than the real-time trading simulation Slope has created. Trade options, stocks, or ETFs with your $100,000 in synthetic trading dollars. You can polish up trading techniques and experiment with new methods without ever risking a cent, plus you can actually see your trade results right on the chart.

Guide to Virtual Trading

Use Volatility

Volatility is the most important element of options trading, and Slope has deep information on IV Rank, Volatility Charts, a Volatility Matrix for any symbol array, price cones, and many other IV-based trading tools. We are also pleased to license the best-quality options data in the industry while still keeping our own subscription prices extremely affordable.

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Create SlopeCharts

Charts are a critical part of investing life. There are many charts available online, but none of them are like SlopeCharts,  the brainchild of Slope founder, Tim Knight. SlopeCharts, which is available free of charge, embraces several core values: (1) Ease of Use: Using SlopeCharts is intuitive, simple, and a breeze to learn (2) Organized: There is no charting product in the world that comes close in watch list management, which is how you keep your trading world in good order (3) Patterns-Focused: History tends to repeat itself.

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Explore SocialTrade

Best described as "the Pinterest for technical analysis" SocialTrade lets you post and view charts, images, and articles for you and other traders. There are thousands of charts, articles, and other items crowd-sourced and thoughtfully organized in the SocialTrade system for your perusal. You will be amazed at what you find!

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Talk with Traders

The community of Slope is among the most active of any financial site, with millions of comments posted. You can also search the vast database to explore the tremendous knowledge base that has been built up since 2005. You'll find it educational, so join the discussion!

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