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From the creator of ProphetCharts comes the next generation of technical analysis with the easiest-to-use and best-organized patterns-based charting system. Also built into SlopeCharts is SlopeRules, the amazingly powerful and intuitive system to develop and test your own trading ideas.

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Since early 2005, Slope has been the go-to place for tens of thousands of articles about technical analysis, trading psychology, and ideas for both long and short positions. Stay on top of market events and new ideas from fellow traders around the world.

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About Tim Knight

An active trader since 1987, Tim founded Prophet.net, which was honored multiple times by both Forbes and Barron’s as the best technical analysis site on the web. Prophet was acquired by Ameritrade in 2005, which is when Tim began his new creation, the Slope of Hope. The author of dozens of books about technology and stocks, and most recently the creator of SlopeCharts, Tim continues to write for Slope every day of the year.

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