Saved Styles

Saved Styles in SlopeCharts allows you to save time changing the appearance of a chart and is available to Silver, Gold, and Platinum users. You can upgrade your membership to get immediate access by clicking here.

There are many different variables that go into a chart – – whether or not it updates, its granularity, how frequently it updates, whether the bars are shown as candlesticks or lines, how much historical data is loaded, and so forth. Styles encompasses all of these elements:


All you have to do is create a chart that you think you’ll use later and then save it.

Let’s say, for example, you liked to look at charts sometimes that (1) had six months of data shown as weekly bars (2) were shown as candlesticks (3) displayed the volume (4) were shown on an arithmetic scale (5) automatically refreshed every 30 seconds. It would be a big hassle to change all five of those parameters, one by one, every time you wanted to see that kind of chart. With styles, it only takes a moment.

To preserve a style of chart, just choose this menu item:


You will be presented with this:

You’ll typically want to create a new style and give it a name with meaning. In other words, don’t call it “Style 1” or “My Style”. Instead, give it a name like “6 Months Streaming Candles” or “All Data Line Graph”. If you want to overwrite an existing style with your new parameters, you would click the radio button to choose an existing style from the right side of the dialog box.

Once you’ve created a few styles, when you go into the Styles menu, you’ll be presented with the available choices. Of course, you can create as many different styles as you like:

As shown above, there are just two choices – you can Delete a style if you no longer want it or, more commonly, you can Load the style to apply all the attributes it contains instantly. As you add your own styles, they will be appended to the Analysis menu, giving you one-click access. You can also access the styles via the Data Panel on the left side of SlopeCharts.