Chart Lab

For Platinum members on the Slope of Hope, the Chart Lab feature lets you combine financial data in a way that isn’t possible anywhere else. Using a graphics “workbench”, you can arrange symbols, economic data, and mathematical operators to create your own unique financial instrument to give you insights into the financial markets and anticipated market direction. To access Chart Lab, you can select it with the right-click menu in SlopeCharts or by way of the Tools menu.


The Chart Lab dialog box is where you can construct your creation. There are “blocks” on the left side you can drag and drop into the workspace on the right, and the formula you create will be presented at the top. The interface is deliberately intuitive to make creating new formulae fun and easy.

The financial creations you make in Chart Lab can be simple………..

……or complicated, including nested blocks………..

The objective with any of these is to be able to create a particular insight or perspective into the financial markets which are not possible with a standard examination of a single financial instrument.