About SlopeMATRIX

This is an overview of SlopeMATRIX, which is for Silver, Gold, and Diamond users. You can upgrade your membership level to get immediate access to the page. You access SlopeMATRIX by choosing it from the Markets menu.

SlopeMATRIX provides streaming, real-time quotes for a variety of public lists (such as the components of the NASDAQ 100, the Dow 30, and so on) as well as your own custom-made watchlists. You can sort any list by symbol, price, timestamp, price change, or percentage change. Clicking the top of any given column will sort (and subsequently reverse-sort) the contents.

On the right side of the screen are buttons which let you create a SlopeChart of that particular symbol or see all the items that have been “stacked” into the SocialTrade database for that symbol.