SlopeMATRIX Guide

This is an overview of SlopeMATRIX, which is another premium feature built for SilverGold, and Platinum users. You can upgrade your membership level to get immediate access to the page.

SlopeMATRIX provides streaming, real-time quotes for a variety of public lists (such as the components of the NASDAQ 100, the Dow 30, and so on) as well as your own custom-made watchlists. It can be a vitally important part of your own trading life.

You can sort any list by symbolnameprice change, or percentage change. Clicking the top of any given column will sort (and subsequently reverse-sort) the contents. This is a great way to instantly see where the big action is taking place on any given day for any particular list. The percentage change column is of particular interest.



Importantly, the product has four different modes. The default mode is “Matrix“, but the other three, Portfolio, Risk, and Statistics, provide an entirely different wealth of information, and they are each introduced in their own sections herein.