List Management

Managing your watch lists is easy and flexible with SlopeCharts. Some people just keep one list of stocks they like to follow, whereas others like to organize securities into separate lists, moving symbols from place to place to keep them organized.


When you are just starting with SlopeCharts, you will have a watch list automatically made for you called Indexes, which contains popular worldwide index symbols. To create a new watch list, or to import a list of symbols, just click the words Watch Lists at the top, and you will be presented with those two choices at the very top of this menu:


If you choose Create Watchlist, just give it a meaningful name based on the things you intend to store within it, such as “Long Positions”, “Favorite ETFs”, or “Dow Components”. You can add symbols to any list just by clicking the “Add to List” button next to the symbol entry box.

To import a list of symbols (which is just a simple text file of symbols that you can create, or which you exported from another program), choose the Import item. You will be presented with this box, and you can either drag the file into the dialog box, or you can click the upload link to choose the file you want to import. It only takes a moment to import the list, even if it is hundreds of symbols.


Once you have symbols within the lists, you can drag and drop them from list to list easily. You can also right-click on any symbol to choose what list to move it into, copy it, or delete the symbol from the list. The difference between “move” and “copy” is basic: moving a symbol takes it away from one list and puts it into another list, whereas copying puts a symbol into the destination list and lets it remain in the original list as well.


You can delete any symbol from a list with one mouse click. As you mouse over any symbol, an “X” appears next to it. Clicking the “X” will delete it from the list.


You can also highlight a particular symbol by “tagging” it, which makes it appear in red. You can “untag” any tagged symbols to return it to the original black.


If you right-click on the watch list name itself, you get a different set of choices. With this, you can add the symbol on the chart to this list, move all the symbols, copy all the symbols, rename the list, delete the list, or export all the symbols to a text file.


There are some other choices available on the menu, and you can click on any of the topics below to learn more about them specifically: