Drawn Objects

Drawn objects are the single most important part of the SlopeCharts platform for effective analysis and decision-making. They are also exceptionally flexible and easy-to-use.

One thing that should be noted immediately is that there are so many drawing tools, they cannot all fit on the palette, so it is up to you to choose which of these tools you would like to have immediately available. The process of choosing these tools is in the Palette section of this guide.

The drawing tools are accessed at the lower left of SlopeCharts, and a default palette is provided, although there are plenty of other drawing tools available. Its initial appearance is shown below, and clicking any of the icons chooses that tool; the default choice, the arrow, is for pointing and selecting and does not draw anything on your chart.

Below is an example chart with a few drawn objects: from left to right there is a polygon, an arc, another arc, and then a pair of trendlines, each of which are colored differently. Without these, it is much harder to interpret what is going on with any given financial instrument. Well-placed and well-chosen drawings, however, offer insights into support, resistance, breakouts, and breakdowns which other traders simply cannot see.

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