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Welcome to the Slope of Hope

The Slope of Hope began in March 2005 as a place for Tim Knight (after the sale of his charting site, Prophet.net, to Ameritrade) to share charts and trading experiences with a few readers. Since then, Slope has blossomed into the premier destination for technical analysis, deemed by Investopedia as one of the "top technical analysis" websites, with trading ideas, alerts, charts, and discussion for all kinds of traders - - be they in stocks, crypto, futures, options, or just about anything else with a ticker symbol. Here are some of the highlights of the site:


SlopeCharts Technical Analysis

Charts are a critical part of investing life. There are many charts available online, but none of them are like SlopeCharts,  the brainchild of Slope founder, Tim Knight. SlopeCharts, which is available free of charge, embraces several core values: (1) Ease of Use: Using SlopeCharts is intuitive, simple, and a breeze to learn (2) Organized: There is no charting product in the world that comes close in watch list management, which is how you keep your trading world in good order (3) Patterns-Focused: History tends to repeat itself. Giving you insight into past trading patterns and the power to analyze your chart with powerful yet easy-to-use drawing tools is one of the platform's key appeals. Click here to check out the charts.

SocialTrade Chart Library

SocialTrade lets you post and view charts, images, and articles. If you ever see a chart or article you would like to share, you can just "stack" it instantly to our enormous database that the community has crowdsourced. There are a half-dozen ways for you to browse this library, including by category, by the most popular offerings, or by contributors. The SocialTrade menu at the top of the screen shows you the different ways you can instantly jump into the database and begin learning and sharing. Click here to start browsing this tremendous collection.


Trading Ideas

In the many years Slope has been running, tens of thousands of posts have been made about financial markets, politics, trading ideas, social trends, music, comedy, and everything else imaginable. The majority of these have been written by Tim, and a variety of contributing editors makes the content fresh, thought-provoking, and educational. There is a never-ending stream of new posts every day of the year, and dedicated "Slopers" often get the majority of their news and information from these posts and the discussion that follows them. Click here to read the latest posts.

Virtual Trading

Trade without the trauma! There is absolutely no better way to hone your skills than with the realistic trading simulation Slope has created. Trade option, stocks, ETFs with your $100,000 in synthetic trading dollars. The trading experience is integrated throughout the entire Slope website, including seeing past and present trades right in the chart.. Click here to see what virtual trading has to offer.


Options Analysis

Options are the most popular trading instrument among Slope of Hope users, so it is a major focus for this site. There are a number of products on Slope designed to help options traders in their exploration and analysis, such as the payoff graph, volatility charts, price change charts, earnings reaction charts, and the OptionDots system, built directly into SlopeCharts. Click here to see the best pages for options traders.

SlopeRules System Maker

SlopeRules is a feature in SlopeCharts which lets you create a trading system using discrete technical rules for entering and exiting positions. It is deliberately designed to be intuitive and very simple to use, and it is closely integrated with the SlopeCharts platform. Unlike other trading systems, you don't need to learn code like a programmer. Instead, just drag and drop the rules that make sense to you, test them in real time, and get automatic alerts. Click here to learn more.


Real Time Price Alerts

Timely alerts are crucial to exploiting trading opportunities, and being able to set a notification based on a potential "event" on a chart is a fast and visual way to snag those opportunities. You can easily establish a virtual “robot” to keep an eye on the price action and let you know if something meaningful happens so you can be alerted via email or SMS text. You can set alert conditions based on a wide variety of criteria, and you can create chat-based alerts almost instantly based on your own mark-ups.

Discussion Forum

Most websites have comments sections these days, and they tend to attract just a few messages. However, Slope's comments section is a beehive of activity, with hundreds - - sometimes thousands - - of comments every single day. There are three reasons for this: (1) Slope is populated by friendly, helpful members who treat each other with respect, (2) the comments system itself was custom-made for Slope from the ground up to make it as good as it could be, and (3) an active and vibrant community is deeply-ingrained into the culture here. To participate, all you need to do is be a registered user (aka a "Sloper"), which is instant and free of charge. If you don't have an account yet, click here to make one, since it only take a few moments.


Premium Memberships

Traders need several things to make a profit: a brokerage account, trading capital, and excellent ideas. Tim has been actively trading the markets for three decades and has made a name for himself as one of the best chartists around. To get access to his best ideas, you will want to become a Gold or Platinum subscriber. (Lower-cost memberships are available as Bronze and Silver.) Besides members-only trading articles, you will get access to a supercharged version of SlopeCharts (which has dozens of features non-premium users lack), an advertising-free environment, and the ability to both publish and share watchlists of symbols with other subscribers. Click here to learn more about membership choices.