Mobile App for iOS & Android

COMING SOON! Much of the content and features on the Slope of Hope are available in mobile form for both iOS and Android users. Using the home page, you can swipe through various categories to read posts.

At the bottom of the app are the four buttons that let you change functions. There is the default page Posts (which has access to all of Slope’s blog entries since 2005), Charts (for mobile-friendly SlopeCharts and a wide variety of other tools optimized for mobile devices), Favorites (blog posts you have marked as personal favorites), and Settings (various adjustments for your version of the app).

Gold and Diamond members can also hone in on premium posts.

And, because it is the most popular portion of the entire website, the comments section is always at your fingertips.

The Tools section includes a variety of analytical objects such as the market meter…….

………and, of course, SlopeCharts, which works on phones and tablets in both portrait and landscape modes. It will make the best use of the space available. Here is a chart on an iPhone screen in landscape mode:

The app is free of charge, and once you log in to the app, it will provide you the same access to your watch lists and all your settings that are already established on the regular website.

You can download the Slope app from the iOS App Store or, for Android devices, the Google Play site.