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Dow monthly.png

Long term view of the dow: I will post 3 charts. Starting with a monthly chart I first posted in 2/15 when the djia high was about 18100. Since then it went up a couple of hundred points but is below that now. It all looks very negative to me for the long term. Hope you will take a minute to look at these. Take care. Tom B


Ready for that 6000 to come. 8/8/15
I like the chart, except for a few points. The dotted black line appears to me to be the most useful piece of information here and then the blue solid line forming the expanding triangle top. The pink trendline looks very subjective to me and I don't think it is a valid trendline. I also don't have any use for RSI, but that's just a personal opinion; a lot of people probably use it. I like the patter targets also. Good job. 8/10/15
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Dink thanks for the feedback on this chart and the others. As usual I suspect you are correct on all points. 8/11/15