View: Evening Tape for June 15 | SharePlanner

Evening Tape for June 15 | SharePlanner

Quick Glance at the Market Heat Map and Industries


Financials and Basic Materials stuck out as the two strongest sectors.  Healthcare and consumer goods had splotches of weakness. 

SharePlanner Compass:

Doesn't feel like it but we now have a series of higher-highs and higher lows - if we don't fake out on Monday, I might just have to adjust the compass directly over the uptrend. 

The Chart of the Day...


- Okay... so you've seen this stock AXAS (which I don't think I've ever traded before) with a strong setup and you ride it up the whole day. You're sitting at $3.45/share and you got in at $2.93. And then... all of a sudden... on no new...WHAM! BAT BAM! Down to $2.49 - are you kidding me? Who cares where it managed to scrape by and close at, this thing took out 25% of its market cap in seconds. Moral? Never, ever, ever trust the market or a stock or anything financially related. 

Evening Articles 

And of course...the RIDICULOUS!

Ladder, Spider, Dad acting like a hero to his little girl, and of course a hand-held camera. These things NEVER end good.I love the 'horror-feel' to the end of this video.  

You all have a great weekend!

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