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@TK and many great posters here. Including @SB @DJ and all you creative 'old' and millennial men. rotf 

@BBB I recommend clicking on some of the links posted before opening your mouth, young man. You may get 'IT'........ 

Congrats @DojiGirl still looking forward to our Bonsai meetup. 

@BBB"Short Bio 
I mostly dable as I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed." 

Grovel Grovel Grovel. I'm 'trying' my best behavior  
@"Blow By Blow" and the Most Incredible, Gorgeous (Pointy mustaches are such a 'turn on' for gay men), Knowledgeable ... ... ... RE 'realtor' Hugs, Kisses and Love to our @MarketSniper 

Now I'm "offended", my skin will be a little thicker after that BOSTON team drives home the point to the other north eastern team. I still can not believe Minnesota is the location.... ... ... My good buddy instructed me the Minn. stadium is inside. "WHO KNEW"???? ('our' S. FL stadium pumps out AC on the fans when it's hot and humid :) I think that is were the 'fish' currently play. My buddy al



oops my bad. Please INSERT EMB145 in place of "BBB". Preparing the Sangria and snacks for the crowed. 2/4/18
Brother LoveBrother Love
Have Sexy 2/4/18
Brother LoveBrother Love
Have fun Sexy. Hiccup 2/4/18
Soupe, croissant, tarte à la crème au chocolat et café fort et noir ...... VIVA, La France!
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Booboo, Degrowth Defined →Booboo, Degrowth Defined →
Bears are one of the most huggable creatures. 
Bulls are one of the least. 2/4/18
:-)))))))))))) 2/7/18
Led Zeppelin truly got IT!: 2/7/18
@EMG145 let me try to gently bring you up to speed.  
. . . 
wake up to the new you. Soilent is people. 2/8/18
The DirectorThe Director
Heh we have a few days to go yet for v day 2/8/18
as near as i can figure---both parties want the wall--- 
it's good cop/bad cop--- 
the dems are the good cops, and trump is the bad cop-- 
legislation has to be completed by mar 5th. and compromise was in the cards the whole time--- 
call me crazy, but i think this is what has happened. 
at least 3 to 6 hours---and maybe indefinitely... shutdown-now-certain-next-house-vote-after-deadline 2/8/18
the 800 million food insecure people, 400 million are in china... 
i'm not sure, anymore, if continually enabling countries that are not self sufficient is the right thing to do.. 2/8/18
I used to use it all the time but they now have a problem with my Adblock and keep popping up bitch screens even tho I have made the exclusions they require to disable Adblock on their page, so fuggem. I'm not deleting Adblock for Perhaps they will eventually pull their heads out their asses and fix the issue.... 2/9/18
Katso is an old sloper who hasn't been around for a very long time. But profile says he joined 2 days ago so could very well be an imposter. 2/9/18