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Chart of the day is #NASDAQ at


Your homework is pretty sturdy. My only suggested improvement is to use the 1hr chart data religiously because I've noticed that when you haven't, whether by accident or design, your lines are drawn in the wrong places. 4/4/18
For trade entries I use H1 or even M15 but to show the red channel I had to use H4 with candle sticks shown in colour. Thanks by the way :) 4/4/18
You don't have to use the 4hr chart today. Most online charting tools allow you to roll back as far as you like. You can use 1hr as far back as you like. When you rely on mixing the two. Well, I've been stuffed by the markets whenever I've tried that. Have homed in on 1hr because I've had more success with it. 4/4/18
Thanks Bouraq ! 4/4/18
My pleasure ! 4/5/18