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Thanks @bouraq 

Continuing the DUMB ASS @MS deletion of anything not agreeable to the Right Wing Fundamentalist Conservative Nutjobs and Chump Supporters. 'merica IS GREAT you delete NAZI.....  

1SexyStud Conscious - Playing Nice unless @MS still loving in a river in EGYPT. (A previous login and still the same! Just Grin and Bear IT.) Any one not a GOP right wing nazi has been doing this for two years.... @MS do you see the resemblance to a period around 1942? You love war... WTF... BUY @TRX as @MS predicted! ​(◉‿◉)


Seriously, shithole, quit being one. Quit being ugly. Whatever you believe the wrongs to be, another one [added by you] doesn't make things better. Calm down, and say something worthy. It's unhealthy to spew/harber such venom, truly. 11/12/18
MS is being nice with you. He still hasn't banned you. The best part of Slope is that everyone can argue and debate. It's ok to have an opinion. That's what free speech is about. Chill a bit and contribute in smaller doses. 11/12/18