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Thanks @MikeBruner 

@MS is Full Of Shit. THE HANDMAID'S TALE obviously Is intended for NRA DRONES and anyone who shoots the first bullet.  
@MS is this war? How many should die in your war? 

@Market Sniper Said  
"Market Sniper Note (click for details) 
I do have a basic question. Agreed, we are or maybe wildly over priced in the equities. At WHAT level do perma bears consider the market to be fairly priced or even more, under priced to allow them to start to BUY? This is a serious question. Does the equity market need to go to the same level as cryptos, zero? And if we do go deep into the Pits of Zool (whcih we do from time to time, but rarely), why would anybody cheer for such financial devestation? Only reason I can see would be a complete reordering of the entire monetary and banking system This I would heartily applaud but the devastation to the average person would lead to an armed insurrection and even Palo  
Alto would be leveled into rubble."

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