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Chart of the day – Trading Channels



Thanks @Bouraq 
@SB - you look fantastic with your crystal ball above. 
@Claws - JNJ Powder sure doesn't taste very good. ༼ꉺˇɷˇꉺ༽  
@Pipes - great calls for /cl today and also more attacks on POTUS Dumb Ass. Can you believe the space cadet is going forward with a military space force. OMG. IT's MUELLER TIME! 12/18/18
All scrubbed since VPOTUS was at the cape today. blue-origin-webcasts.html?utm_source=notification 
Donald J. Trump Retweeted 
Vice President Mike Pence 
"Verified account @VP  
Today, @POTUS Trump will direct the @DeptofDefense to establish a Combatant Command that will oversee all of our military activities in space. This Space Command will be the 11th Combatant Command in the U.S. military." 
and for xmas movie fans: 12/18/18