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Waving @MS - Get your gun ready. Time to shoot some more people. FU NRA 

Himicane Erick and Hurricane Flossie are both missing Hawaii. 

Where's the beef?  

Where is the Wall?  

Where is 4% Growth?  

Oh yeah, Chump said he has nothing to do. Time for another Campaign Rally. Perhaps "Lock Her Up" and Send'm Back will be the GOP new rally.  
Now if the Donkeys can continue the Mueller prob into Campaign Fraud, Collusion and Obstruction. All proven, unfortunately the only human in the US that can not be prosecuted is POTASS.  

Oh Shut up, Krudlow!  

Does anyone have Equity Seasonality for August? Perhaps this week is the start of an interesting summer? 

The last Genius thing Steve Jobs did was appoint his replacement Tim Cook . $AAPL  

waving @ZPM

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