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Pretty top forming on AAPL

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Baby BearBaby Bear
earning tomorrow... today doesn't mean anything... 
well it's up 20% since last earning so some people trimmed their longs is my guess... 
Thanks @BabyBear 
Yep, Dumb GOP loving Rat and @MS go on and on. Going down with the IMPEACHMENT SHIP. 
I continue to get banned with every alternative comment. As the others here with an alternative view. 
The Righteous only have one view. Oh wait, the Porn President is neither Moral OR the Majority. 
@daButcher said" 
Ten days since my last visit to the slope, a quick review of comments (very little live trade exchanges) but the one sided political circle jerk, full steam ahead. I do wish those attempting to navigate sensably here the best, trade well slopers:  
One last thing, even a passive participant in comments whether a paid member or not should dare offer something perceived to be anti-Trump is stomped on 3-4 comments deep, the slope is being transformed to a one sided, almost completely unbalanced site. Perhaps the best course from a business perspective is bring back the adds become a mini-zeroedge. " 
@TOK truly desires Slope to be the best, yet can't seem to control this. Perhaps it's really Tim's desire. 
Sad Very Sad. 10/29/19