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My life goal at this point - get the HELL out of this country. I've already got my destination in mind.


Was scheduled to tour Portugal, Ireland and Spain this April to scout out potential retirement locations. But COVID nixed that. Scotland is still in the lead, but wanted to explore a little more. 9/11/20
The DirectorThe Director
Avoid cities. 9/11/20
I still think the US is the best country in the world and I'll fight to keep it that way should it come down to it, for myself and my children. 9/11/20
Moved to Mexico a few years ago and love the decision 9/11/20
Really shouldn't bother. 
Wherever you are, unless you sell them your soul , they will come after you. 
A Better Life for Half the Price 
Highly recommend this book as you start making those plans. 9/11/20
A bunker in New Zealand 9/11/20
The cost savings is a bonus, but the main driver is that my wife and I (I'm a dude btw; someone was asking. The avatar is b/c it's my nieces favorite movie).. my wife and I love int'l travel and being in Europe would make it much easier, less expensive to visit more places.  
And, opinions will obviously vary, but the American exceptionalism is losing its lustre. Been to 40+ countries and while the US has a lot of things going for it, I can't say it's the best in the world. Whatever it is, it certainly seems to be trending down. I'm a veteran and as patriotic as the next person, but I can still imagine myself being much happier settling down abroad. 9/11/20
I would definitely look hard at Portugal. 9/11/20
If you are gonna do it, make sure you are out of the way of the Great Wave. sic movie 2012. Austrian Alps, away from fault lines. Also watch out for dormant volcanoes. Prague also comes to mind. 9/11/20
Was scheduled to spend a week in Porto in April - lots of positives including cost and temperate climate being on the coast. Love Prague, though not sure I'd want to retire there. Not sure why - it was one of our favorite visits. Cities on the short list are Edinburgh, Brussels (though $$) and Grenoble (more of a village). Have spent a lot of time on Skye and that's probably the place that fits us best. I read that western Ireland is working hard to attract ex pats. We need to go back to these places and look at them through the eye of retirement and living there vs. visiting on vacation. 9/11/20