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Bitcoin. 20/50/200 SMA. 

If you just went for a 20 day 200 day crossover as a buy and sell signal, you would have done great the last 5 years. One fake out that was still profitable. 

I have no prediction. Crossover is on the bull side, knocking on the top of channel is bullish if you like Oscar Carboni. Volume could be better. Lots of things in crypto land going on a tear this week, also bullish. And lastly the Fed pumping the balloon is bullish for everything. 

Still, could be a dead cryptokitty bounce... 

Holding for now.

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Mr. WizardMr. Wizard
I wonder if this will last. 
Crossover systems, especially using the 200 DMA, worked really well on the S&P, for decades. Then they became so popular algos began trading against them. Eventually these systems not only didn't beat the market, they actually lost money. 
See what happens with BTC... But use it while it works. 9/2/21
For the record I don't think it will last. Most of the trading history we have to look back on is not a record of how Wall Street likes to run the show. FOr better or worse, they are in this space now. 9/2/21