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New Yorkers would pay TWO THIRDS of their income in just State and Fed taxes. California right behind them.


Is that before or after they restore SALT deductions? 11/9/21
The DirectorThe Director
Vermont looks good 11/9/21
My combined tax rate (all taxes, progressive and regressive) must now approach the 50% rate. In some cases, I must pay tax on tax. 5% here, 11% there; twice annual $6,000 property tax payments to Cook County — not deductible (Trump’s little gift to all us “Blue” State residents, whom he detested and considered disloyal personal enemies who should literally be taxed to death while he and the super-richest paid little or nothing; I wasn’t before but I am now) — believe me, it adds up. And now they want even more. They want to take even more. Biden’s proposed income tax hikes to pay for his “Build Back America Better” spending spree won’t hit the very wealthy few, as promised. No. No, no. That’s mot how the political system works. The tax burden, when it comes, will be cleverly skewed at the last moment to fall squarely upon my shoulders; so it will be financed by the likes of me; and me. 11/12/21