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Sunday ruminations: 

Bitcoin under the trendline that marks the last year + of bull market insanity. (not shown) 

Eth still above. (also not shown) 

That leaves about 10,000 other cryptos to have an opinion about, which is godamn impossible unless you have some autistic knack for crypto charts or maybe a photographic memory, of which neither I possess. 

What I do instead is pick a dozen which I regard as 'real', or as real as crypto gets and do my best. 

If you like channels there are tons of crypto messing around in the bottom half of said channels threatening to tag the dark side. If they are not doing that then they are busy filling in enormous pennants, wedges, and triangles dating back to May 2021, and are also threatening the bottom of said geometry. 

Given equity markets current volatility, I am not willing to take the gamble long as I did a few months back. If I miss it, I miss it. 

Tezos by way of example, typical of many cryptos at the moment.

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