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For whatever reason the same clowns pushing the QAnon dogshit for the last couple years also picked 3 cryptos to advise the faithful to invest in. Litecoin is for sure one of them, I think Dogecoin is another and frankly I forget the third one. This was related to me over the course of the last year by a devoted QAnon follower in my circle of friends who I have mentioned in past posts around here. I guess if you are going to open a few websites designed to scare the hell out of people and sell silver and gold, why not frontrun some crypto too while you are at it? 

Said friend was hardcore anti-crypto up until the QAnon story got him. I tried to get him to buy Bitcoin about 2 years back and quickly abandoned that project after he laughed in my face in regard to the suggestion. 

To my amazement 18 months later he is telling me I need to buy Litecoin and Dogecoin, and that Bitcoin will be destroyed after a quantuum computer is directed to destroy the 'Bitcoin computer in China'.

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I tried to stop him. Failed. 
Litecoin here can't even be bothered to stay above its 2017 bubble high. 1/10/22