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Next wave after that some type of crisis from the bwanks again? Or is it straight to WWIII? 3/11/22
I am just worried about Greece leaving the EU. 3/11/22
If they left the EU that would mean that the EU Army that doesn't want a war with anybody won't have to fight any country that invades Greece. That would save the EU a whole lot of trouble in the short term. Plus all the illegal immigrants that get in to Greece won't be the EU's problem. But then Turkey will likely be a larger pain in Europe's ass just like Russia is likely to be a larger pain in Europe's ass. They should have made Russia a member of NATO. Most potential problems solved. 3/11/22
... and Chelsea Football Club would benefit. Not that I support Chelsea or any other football team. 3/11/22
NYUGradNYUGrad order-will-benefit-bitcoin 3/11/22
Exerpt from article... 
Pozsar argues that while Western central banks cannot close spreads between Russian and non-Russian commodity prices as sanctions lead them in opposite directions, the People’s Bank of China can “as it banks for a sovereign who can dance to its own tune.” 
“If you believe that the West can craft sanctions that maximize pain for Russia while minimizing financial stability risks and price stability risks in the West, you could also believe in unicorns,” Pozsar wrote. 
As outside money keeps trumping inside money, this crisis will likely emerge and end differently than all others ever since Nixon broke off the gold standard in 1971 – which marked the end of the era of commodity-based money. 
Also from zee article: "and Bitcoin (if it still exists then) will probably benefit from all this.” 
That is one big damn IF. 
Oh the mayhem IF such a scenario takes place and Bitcoin is the last man standing. The Gold and Silver bois will be running amuck in despair... 3/11/22