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Here's a day chart of CRBQ from 2010 to date. 
Note the regular price action. 

If I get one question most often, it is about chop and whipsaw (two different things in my opinion) versus "normal" or trending (directional) markets. 
CRBQ illustrates that commodities are efficient and well-regulated markets that exhibit the qualities and characteristics of good trading: normal versus abnormal price action, clear and reliable reversals, what I call "punctuation" where any trend regularly halts and checks its advance, briefly, then continues. When there is a reversal, it is well-defined and it is not deceptive. 
To me, the liquid, efficient commodities markets are the place for trading. 
The difficult and often treacherous index futures are the places to avoid, at least until one is confident and demonstrably proficient.


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