View: Morning Coffee, Day-Trading Watchlist for 12.13 | SharePlanner

Morning Coffee, Day-Trading Watchlist for 12.13 | SharePlanner

"Oh, the best part of waking up..."

The fed had plenty of unprecedented announcements yesterday and by the time Bernanke got on the mic, the market gave up all of its morning gains. We are trading in choppy waters so please be careful!

Retail numbers along with jobless claims were both modestly positive but markets are expected to open relatively flat.

 Check out some of today's highly anticipated stocks to day-trade while you have your morning coffee.   Morning Coffee - Day-Trading Watch-List 1 $BBY- We have a squeeze here and BBY buyout out rumors are also swirling. Look for this stock to really gain some momentum and volatility today. BBY up 15% in PM trading.  2 $RIMM- Takeover and a new product launch have brought RIMM back to life! Yesterdays surge brought price back to April levels. This trender should be on the top of your list today.  3 $ JOY- this stock zig zagged for over a $4 range yesterday, hitting both news highs and lows. With intra-day conference call caused a spike as forecast appear to be strong. $61.20 on the chart remains to be a very important support level. Pay close attention on how it reacts. 

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