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Get ready for a roger ram jet move in Equities. Then followed by a multiyear collapse


I think they've been saying that sine 2008... people thought this ramp from 666 to 2200 was the ram jet move... so how you suppose to know when the "multi year collapse" is? last time we felt 666 alot people thought that was the "multi year collpase"... guess again... 10/18/16
Maybe Raymond ReddingtonMaybe Raymond Reddington
I'm a little depressed today. CoTrader a reminder of what's in store for the next 3-5 years would be welcome if you're out there lurking. 10/18/16
Closing Basis - go with the flowClosing Basis - go with the flow
Tommyboy finds the weirdest shit to correlate to the market. Strange stuff, but it seems to work for him. 10/18/16
New GuyNew Guy
LOL sample size of 3 
how bout we get to new highs by a nose, fall 5-10% after the election till eoy, bottom and then 25% gain in 2017 10/18/16