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Take a quick browse through /superstonk over there on Reddit if you have not already.  

TL:DR - Short squeeze not finished. This stock is going to infinity and will crush the entire world financial system when it does. 

My take? Kinda nuetral here. Maybe a buy playing the bounce off the wedge (pennant/triangle weirdness whatever) bottoms. Then again, maybe it doesn't bounce.  

And if it does go up, I guess I have to go with an Oscar-ism, that will be the 4th time knocking on resistance, bet on the pop. 

P.S. Will somebody please go tell Reddit that T.P.T.B. will just shut down all markets for as long as they have to before anything gets that wildly out of control? Hard to read some of that stuff over there, assuming any of it is real people. Can't tell at this point who is legit and who is a promoter. 

Saved for posterity, because this does have some hysterical importance.

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Just sell the equivalent of a synthetic covered put. 7/8/21