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The Most (And Least) Gun-Friendly States


Happy to say I live in one of the MOST. 4/11/20
The DirectorThe Director
Long guns are less regulated and shotguns are excellent self defense weapons 4/11/20
The DirectorThe Director
Virginia is a reasonable state 4/11/20
I skimmed that article. Completely useless. California more "gun friendly" than Florida? Yeah, I'm just gonna have to "disagree" with that one and I spend A LOT of time in both states. 4/11/20
Illinois is very gun-unfriendly. The surrounding states are very gun-friendly. The flow of handguns from Indiana and Missouri into Greater Chicagoland is, unsurprisingly, a river. 4/11/20
CA "friendlier" than NV? 
I think not. 4/11/20
Indiana is very friendly. 
What’s the basis for these ratings? The most important in my mind would be: ease of purchase, castle doctrine, stand your ground, open carry, concealed carry. 4/11/20
Baby BearBaby Bear
my guess is that Wrigley Field is the most gum friendly place of all 4/11/20
Only Bloomberg's Everytown could devise such an unmitigated bs map. Should be printed on a steel plate and used for target practice. 4/11/20
The Vulcan Sloper akaGrinThe Vulcan Sloper akaGrin
Doesn't seem correct. Indiana is very gun friendly, I used to live there. CA, IL and NJ are the least gun friendly 4/12/20
Iowa is more gun friendly than shown here. 4/12/20