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Fascinating chart of political leanings and truthfulness in what we read.


oh no I posted a link here yesterday to utter garbage, I'm sorry, my bad. I'm just old jaded conservative. 11/10/17
Interesting graphic. I would put The Washington Times down one more level in the orange rectangle. 11/10/17
Dr.StrangeLove, MorwosDr.StrangeLove, Morwos
Major get what you pay for. All these media are free...... 11/10/17
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
When something is free, you are the goods 11/10/17
1SexyStud→ → → "GOODTIME"1SexyStud→ → → "GOODTIME"
Yes, National ENQ stands alone. Mainstream? (Why? Because it is available in every market chain? 11/10/17