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WSN's Top Watchers for the Week of 11.25 | SharePlanner

This list is made up of high probable stock setups from the previous week's price movement. These tickers tend to match my criteria of volume, high range,and historical price movement with suitable risk vs reward setups. These stocks also have a lower market correlation and act inversely at times from the broader trend. 

Top 5 1 CSTR- This stock has really become active and could see some room to the upside. Any news from Neflix valuation, red box fever and Hedge fund trading has made this stock really active. 2 EXPE- The daily is getting very interesting on this stock but I still  prefer round number reversals for this. It will be at a huge level if it hits $61 3 TSO- My favorite refinary play, but the technicals are what caught my eye. This has a very bullish chart on the daily. It also has good intra day price action too wtih trending nature using moving averages for support. 4 ARO- If you want to stay below the radar on the retailers, ARO is getting a lot of ANF push and is a great trender. 5 CRUS- I remain bearish on this stock. I'm not sure it has enough to make it back up to the 35's anytime soon. I'll go into this looking for high probable short set up using high of day spikes as my stopping points for intra day scalps.

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