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SPX - that hysterical Fib (green horizontal) 

When I said I didn't know if it would be a trampoline or a speedbump I surely did not expect a candle to be literally flung into the air! 

Screenshot taken durning morning trading, it may well not look like this end of day but I found it amusing from a charting perspective. 

Of note: We have had 2 other very similar set ups in the last several months. Both times the trampoline victim fell back to earth in the next 3 trading sessions. Analog perhaps. 

Errata: Somebody linked another chartists hysterical fib similar to mine and interestingly that guy's fib is at the recent highs, some 250 points above mine to make it appear as resistance! Well, here is mine, that's my story and I am stickin' to it! :P

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For what it's worth I would short that. But that's not investment advice. That's just my risk-taking nature. 12/7/21
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