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I like enormous time frames. Ignore if that isn't your shtick. 

Fib from '09 bottom to present assuming we have seen the high. What is fascinating about this to me is that the 50% lands smack dab in the middle of the 2018-2020 bear market. (2742-ish) 

Other long term fibs also land right there (not shown) which I found even more curious. 

Our most recent bear markets tended to be about 2 year affairs so some patientce is in order.  

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Disclaimer: You know what they say about making assumptions. First line in the sand is 3930. Let's get there first.

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1800 overshoot 2/27/22
1800? Dude that is some godamn filthy bear porn. Might get arrested trying to sell that! 2/27/22