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Fibbies coming out the '09 party. (Covid fibbies also pretty much same price area, not shown for clarity) 

We are in a place where in the past captain market blows through fib support like a rail gun blows through... well... anything. 

And quick like a bunny.  

Stacked for posterity. 

I am sure there is no shortage of traders in here saw this, including our fearless leader, but I had to do my own thing, 'cuz that is how it works. 

Also a Green trendline with a giant overthrow, that we MIGHT, actually, for the first time in over a decade, get to see play out.

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Tim KnightTim Knight
Why no log scale? (clutches chest) 6/16/22
I think that is log. The fact that it looks like linear might be a an important clue about how retarded this whole event might become, lol. 6/16/22