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Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This | SharePlanner

I posted my PCYC resounding success story which I made 16% off of it, but what kind of blogger would I be if I completely ignored those nasty trades, that despite discipline, focus, and strong setups, did nothing to better themselves after I got in them (yup - losing trades comes with the territory). 

In no particular order here are today's "Nasties"

Busted Trade #1

Busted Trade #2

BUsted Trade #3

After I got knocked out of this trader, went storming into my four year old's bedroom, yanked the leapfrog laptop that he was on and put a baseball bat to it. 

(ok I didn't do that... what kind of dad do you think I am?)

And because it feels so good to watch, after a losing trade, I'm providing the link to my Sinfeld "AHHH!" - dedicating one to each of the trades above... 

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