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I have been a bear for a long time but after looking for awhile at COMPQ I think we may have one more high in this index before THE END. If you like channels it looks like more to come. If you are a EWT person you like ABC corrections and often A=C. Finally in you like H&S or inverse H&S it looks the the last inverse H&S target has not been hit. Notice the first inverse H&S and the H&S gave excellent targets which were hit. Also notice the 61.8% retracement was not quite hit on the last high. Putting it all together I give a potential higher target area. Have a great weekend and Independence Day. 6/28/13
Any feedback + or neg would be appreciated. THanks 6/28/13
chart is too small 6/28/13
Interesting chart. I personally don't like price targets and prefer to trade off of price levels. But it's a very well thought out chart with good analysis. 6/28/13