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DJIA long term monthly. Today and this month being complete marks a important day for what some may follow is the PMO indicator on the DJIA. Today and ending this month now signals a sell signal. As the top may be in. If so $14,482.76 is the official 20% bear market mark. Last month we put in a super huge doji also signaling a reversal just like doji from 2007 top. As you see most of the time the PMO crosses are powerful if used right. Anyway you can view this same thing with the Russell and NYSE Composite $NYA. Many emerging markets are coming down fast already not to mention oil. Pull up some long term charts for your favorite index and apply the PMO indicator you may be surprised. I would be surprised if the tops not in. There will be plenty of opportunity for buyers and sellers even all the way down to a market bottom. Enjoy the ride.


tres cool™tres cool™
good stuff . . 1/30/15
Negative divergence between price and volume. Fewer trades are paying higher prices.  
Thanks for chart. 1/30/15