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Barron's actually - gasp! - does a negative story about a stock. Facebook is worth $15, they say.


As more users access Facebook from their phones they are finding it hard to update via phone-twitter is easier. Facebook is in trouble. 9/22/12
Don't underestimate a site with almost a billon users. 9/22/12
Agree not to underestimate - I know lots of folks who update by mobile phone only :) 9/22/12
Headlines are usually wrong, This would indicate a time to BUY. 9/23/12
The biggest threat to FB is G+. I am seeing at least 1 new user from my circle on FB joining G+ every week. Won't be surprised that G+ hits a critical mass sometime this year. They already have 400 million users and 100 million use G+ regularly. 9/23/12
Tim KnightTim Knight
InvestNBest nailed it - - the stock is up huge now. 7/29/13
Billy RayBilly Ray
Contrary Indicator, 85% of the time 7/29/13