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The DirectorThe Director
Need a good options market! Juicy scalping environment. 9/15/17
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
A "good" option market would kill the (actual) crypto market by making realized volatility going down. It would have the effect of "slowing time".  
The last thing this market needs (@ this point) is higher liquidity. 9/16/17
The DirectorThe Director
I don't think improved liquidity will dramatically change volatility in the short term... if the cryptos disappear that's one fate. But if they don't they eventually will have more stable price discovery. 
IMHO increased liquidity is never a bad thing; it's a marker of a fair market 9/16/17
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
I think the majority of cryptos will disappear. 
I agree with you on every point. 
Just that you can't expect realized volatility to stay that high if you significantly elevate the liquidity (if, as they claim, it's a true free market... I don't believe that for one second) 9/16/17
The DirectorThe Director
Agree. Maybe it will be like the tech bubble and auto company bubble (in early 20th century)... many companies, many currencies, coalesce into a few traded ones sanctioned by governments. 9/16/17