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HLF: Head Shoulders Top. Someone send my chart to Ackman. Now's the time to short if I have ever seen it for this one. Target way down under.


thanks,keep on a posting 8/5/15
thanks mike, keep on posting 8/5/15
target is 0 8/7/15
I'm ok with that. 8/8/15
I always enjoy your charts, but I disagree here. I think the consolidation since 2012 is just that, a pause before a continuation of the uptrend. I believe this because I see no distribution at the highs. I see accumulation at the lows, but no distribution at the highs. I guess we shall find out soon. 8/10/15
Holy Hand GrenadeHoly Hand Grenade
Nu-Skin (NUS) is another b/s pyramid-selling scheme company with less media attention and less manipulation. Have a look. 8/11/15