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STX: Head Shoulders Top for this one.


Fred Hickey thinks this is a short, too, but for fundamental reasons. 6/13/15
Not sure who he is but cool. 6/13/15
Sorry, Fred Hickey has analyzed the tech industry since the early 80's, writing his monthly High-Tech Strategist newsletter since then. He goes both long & short tech stocks as required, never getting caught up in manias. I'd take his opinion of fundamentals over any sell-side analyst any day. You have good fundamental company for your TA-based assessment. 6/13/15
Fred and I are going to make money on this one. :) 6/13/15
Another good looking chart analysis Mike. 
Whenever I see those right shoulder higher shoulder low than left shoulder low, my brain also scream WEDGE though. 
That $47.50-45 area looks like it has some decent horizontal support. 
Bulls would point out fundamentals like a price to sales ratio that's 1.3 vs 1.8 sector avg (lower = better), and 9.3 P/E (trailing 12-months) vs. 16.7 sector avg. 6/14/15