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Parabolic slopes


This chart is from Humble1 who used to post on the Slope. 6/21/14
ryans2u - Batting 16.34% in 2014ryans2u - Batting 16.34% in 2014
It's a really interesting chart, but it is hard to formulate a trade or position based on it, IMO. Those that have been trading short based on 60 or 68 degrees have been slowly getting killed. If this thing goes to 75 degrees the short sellers will be extinct before the correction. 6/21/14
"Corona Virus Did Not Mutate Itself" Squirrel"Corona Virus Did Not Mutate Itself" Squirrel
1 side effect of aggressively bashing dissenting opinion instead of a polite debate, 
that dissenting opinion is banned or leaves............... 
Just like Mole, Everyone knows he's an Asshole, Even Mole Knows!!! 
But I like him!!!! Hell, years ago he banned me twice for giving him shit 
or defending someone giving him Shit. if only there was an app that could 
translate Asshole German Teutonic into Polite Milk Toast Not Offend Any 
Group English, everybody would love him!!!! 
Shit, what do you people expect, his website is what are you expecting, the Pope???  
There is value is his snaggletoothed smart assed rants, if you pick through the Rat Droppings.... 
Truth be told, I even thought humble1 was Bat Shit Crazy, but I did not want to see him banned.  
If we all only listened to Humble1 and the Hun Family, we all would be Rich!!! 6/21/14
Had to squint to see the crash of '87 on the chart.  
Like Ryans says, hard to make a trade on it. Would be interesting to look at the 2 crashes and find out what objective data similarities they possessed during their initial 5% down moves, and what objective data differences they had with normal corrective moves that didn't result in 50% down moves. Don't need to catch the top, just need to know when a pullback is more than a typical correction. 6/21/14
"Corona Virus Did Not Mutate Itself" Squirrel"Corona Virus Did Not Mutate Itself" Squirrel
1 final though on this: 
How many of you have sent a tweet, text, email et al to your wife GF BF or friend and had it grossly misinterpreted???? We should factor this in b4 we fire off an acid tongued reply...... jest sayin........ 
We need to factor in the psychology of medium we are working in and its  
limitations........... 6/21/14
The chart shows that depending on where you actually draw the upper parallel resistance line, there is still room to move higher. the time the chart was made, this chart would appear short term bullish. 6/24/14
I have drawn the parallel channel in my own charting program and have been watching the channel for several months now. As of now, price has broken above the upper channel by about 100 S&P points, so either this is overthrow or the channel is not valid. 6/24/14