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Emotion cheat sheet..jpg


Tim KnightTim Knight
Awesome! Gorgeous! 6/13/12
The Cooler KingThe Cooler King
I need a drink, were is Randy? 6/13/12
Anxiety 6/13/12
i sure wish the posted charts/graphs etc were clickable to create a pop-out bigger/cleaner view! 6/13/12
What i sometimes do is copy the image and paste it into word - then you can make it larger - just a suggestion. 6/13/12
Many do not but many do not. How does one post so it pop's to a readable size, Tim? 6/13/12
Some (IE9) browsers use "CTRL+" to zoom in, and "CTRL 0" to zoomout. 6/13/12
Tim, not sure about the 'Stacks' concept. Reminds me of when my desk is a mess. 6/13/12
I agree with SSSC's comment! 6/14/12
"real wealth is a person's understanding of who they really are. (God is what everyone is but no one is allowed to admit to being.) When you become aware of this truth, there is nothing left for you to do but to be one of the infinitely unique apertures through which the universe is looking at itself. " 
The owls are not what they seem......... 5/10/18