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Incredible measured move, but who knows in this market?


That's one of Icahn's holdings; shorted it in the 50s and got stopped out in the mid 40s a few months ago. haven't looked at it since, but the chart looks good to try a short again with clear stops. The measured target is a bit agressive; the div yield will keep that from happening. 11/20/13
Thanks for the reply, HM. I kind of thought the measured move was a bit too optimistic and had not thought about the dividend yield. At 8.8% there are likely a lot of people who would like to get in or hang on to this. I remember a while ago Market Sniper mentioned that the only credence he puts in patterns is when they fail; many traders seem to jump in on that. I'll short this with a tight stop and see what happens. If the pattern fails, maybe I'll switch gears and see how that works out. 
Maybe I just don't understand how the site works, but for some reason I do not have the option to "Reply" to your reply. I see the "Reply" button on every other post except for your reply to my post. Do you have any idea of why that might be? 11/20/13
Tim KnightTim Knight
This is one of my short positions and knowing that Icahn is involved makes me want it to fall even more 11/20/13