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Occupation: biomedical engineer (MS Electrical Eng)

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I am an electrical engineer (in the biomedical industry) by trade during regular business hours. I came to this country few years ago and got my BS and MS in electrical engineering in this country. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ 
Track Record: 
-Long until 2007. Went to 100% cash approx 4% from the market top.  
-2011 (early) buy back to the market 100% long (I am not perfect and missed buying at the bottom)  
-2015 (last week of Jan) went back to cash.  
-2015 December (shorted the market) and 2016 Mar (stopped out with a 2% lost on the short position) 
-2016 Mar to 2017 Mar: long Small Caps, Mar2017sold small caps Mar2017 
-2017 Mar: shorted the market

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